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Get all the lessons from our "How to Be Your Own Health Coach" 5 day email course in this convenient e-book format which includes all the printable tools organized nicely in one place so you can easily access it anytime.

This bundles also includes our 20 page Health and Wellness Planner which will give you all the tools you need to plan and track your progress.

The Intuitive Woman's Health & Wellness Planner

The Intuitive Woman's Health & Wellness Planner Spread of all 20 pages

With all the information, tools and resources in this bundle, you'll be empowered to navigate your own natural health journey.

You'll be equipt to:

  • track and see patterns so you can start making positive changes step by step to improve your health. 
  • advocate for yourself by providing vital information to your healthcare providers so they can help you find answers and helpful solutions.
  • move forward and make progress toward improving your health and wellbeing.  We are either making progress, getting worse or stuck.   Are you ready to make progress?

Hi, I am Laura, the founder of Natural Healing Hope. I created these resources based on years of experience helping my own family improve devastating health conditions.  You can read our story here.

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